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Full Version: Mobiso 6.11.0 - Patch 1 (SIP Registration Test Disablement)
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Mobiso 6.11.0 Patch 1 has been released.

This patch disables the SIP Registration Test via the web. This is necessary in some cases where the SIP test is unable to work properly due to a unique configuration of the Proxy, Domain/Realm, and Dialing Number.

PATCH ID: 00001
DESCRIPTION: SIP Registration Test Disablement
PATCH DETAILS: This patch includes an update to the SIP registration web administration logic to force the SIP Registration Test to always return a successful result.

  • This patch is an optional patch and should only be installed if necessary. 
  • This patch will not be included in the next baseline release of Mobiso.

The patch is available on the Lyrix FTP server for customers with an active service contract.