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Full Version: Mobiso 6.10 has been released
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Mobiso 6.10 contains functional enhancements based on the Mobiso 6.9.0 64-bit release.

This Mobiso release includes several enhancements to the product as well as OS security updates.

Notable enhancements to Mobiso include:
  • SSL Security improvements
  • Backups can be configured to use a CIFS/SAMBA networked backup location
  • Addition of the Name Service Caching Daemon (ncsd) to cache DNS lookups and speed up processing
  • Departments can now be assigned a ‘key pick’ for a more traditional AA experience (i.e. press 1 for Sales, etc...)
  • The call session will no longer say ‘underscore’ when playing a TTS prompt that contains an _
  • Field labels on the ‘Call Processing à Settings’ page have been modified so they are more easily understood
  • Standardization of the reports
  • Enhancement to several reports to show additional information in an easier to read format 
  • Ability to view call volume/status in real time via the web
Full release notes and the upgrade package are available on the Lyrix FTP server for customers with an active service contract.